ProcureAbility, dSilo Partner to Deliver AI-enabled Insights, Actions

ProcureAbility, a provider of procurement services, announced a partnership with dSilo, an innovative, deep-learning artificial intelligence (AI) company.

The strategic collaboration supercharges the performance of procurement organizations through AI-enabled capabilities. ProcureAbility will leverage dSilo’s proprietary technology platform ProcureGPT to augment existing systems and human talent to provide enhanced value through intelligent insights and actions.

With the introduction of this technology, the challenges faced by today’s procurement organizations in managing disconnected processes and heavy reliance on manual tasks will be addressed and minimized.

ProcureGPT integrates with existing contract management and procurement systems, effectively eliminating the silos that hinder efficiency. The integration empowers procurement professionals to address critical areas such as spend leakage, contract compliance and missed opportunities, revolutionizing the way informed business decisions are made.

“Timing is absolutely crucial; this partnership couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. AI has already disrupted many industries and procurement is no exception. With the integration of our ProcureGPT, the future of procurement powered by AI is now,” said Conrad Snover, CEO of ProcureAbility.

“The partnership between ProcureAbility and dSilo represents a significant step towards transforming procurement practices,” added dSilo CEO Sharad Malhautra. “Together, we’re revolutionizing procurement, benefiting organizations of all sizes to significantly enhance operational efficiency and drive value for the business through our transformative, AI-enabled platform.”

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