Quest Software Launches erwin Data Marketplace

Today, Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection and security software provider, launched erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 13.0. This delivers a data marketplace with enhanced search and data discovery capabilities and enables data users, stewards and owners to find, understand, leverage and protect their organizations’ high-value and trusted data quickly and efficiently.

“More urgently now than ever, companies must be able to rely on their data to make sound business decisions,” said Heath Thompson, president and general manager of Quest Software. “We need to raise the accessibility of high-value data and AI models and make them more usable and understandable. Organizations with high-quality data at their fingertips, available now with erwin Data Marketplace, will now have the competitive edge.”

As businesses increasingly require data intelligence and accessibility to improve business outcomes – especially as the foundation for strong AI models – it’s more important for data users to discover, understand, compare and “shop” for relevant data in a user-friendly and secure way.

The erwin Data Marketplace provides a central location for data users to collaborate on trustworthy data and AI models while giving data stewards and owners strong controls for the curation, governance and publication of data assets.

erwin Data Marketplace’s capabilities allow all data users to shop for, compare and gain access to high-value datasets and AI models, as well as to receive the data literacy needed to get the right context around their data to ensure its best use.

Automated data value scoring, mind maps displaying asset relationships, data lineage, community ratings and reviews, and other business context and governance guidance are well-integrated within the marketplace.

Built-in task and workflow capabilities streamline data access requests and approvals for data owners, and a full audit trail of governance-related actions ensures organizations are audit-ready when needed.

Beyond erwin Data Marketplace, erwin Data Intelligence 13.0 also introduces an erwin Smart Data Connector for the Databricks Unity Catalog. This enables organizations to ingest the metadata and data lineage associated with the data, files and machine learning models kept in their Databricks Lakehouse infrastructure. This adds visibility across multi-platform data landscapes and additional data intelligence capabilities.

Additional erwin Data Intelligence 13.0 enhancements include:

  • Focused data lineage visibility with new data lineage search and filter options
  • Enhanced asset discovery with keyword search recommendations during asset search and an ability to save searches for future use
  • Expanded data tagging capabilities enabling data stewards to save time and tag assets in bulk for visibility, analysis and automation
  • Added bi-directional integration abilities with other systems through new REST APIs

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