SADA Reveals Atom is now on Google Cloud Marketplace

SADA, a business and technology consultancy, announces the availability of Atom on Google Cloud Marketplace. Atom, an asset management application that empowers customers to modernize and maintain workflows in real-time, has gained adoption within State Departments of Transportation (DOT), local municipalities and rail and transit organizations. By increasing the availability of the application on Google Cloud Marketplace, SADA will jumpstart the adoption of the product across multiple industries.

Built exclusively on Google Cloud, Atom’s flexibility and configurability transforms state, county and local DOT space. Initial feedback from customers indicates the application has yielded cost savings in field worker time optimization, maintenance planning, risk analysis and forecasting.

Atom is relevant to any organization looking to improve the maintenance of its infrastructure – from the hotel industry to manufacturing. Users can complete work in real-time, add inventory, budget against their work, schedule their work, and more, online and offline.

“Organizations that embrace Google Cloud are a natural fit for the Atom application. Many Google Cloud customers are focused on streamlining the upkeep and maintenance of their assets while reducing costs,” said Joe Kosco, EVP of Sales for Atom at SADA. “Now, with the click of a button on the Google Cloud console, these organizations can deploy Atom and begin realizing significant improvements immediately while helping them achieve their efficiency and cost-reduction goals.”

To learn more about Atom, click here.