Senet, Helium Network Expand Integration to Deliver LoRaWAN

Senet Inc., a cloud-based software and services platforms provider that enables global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the Internet of Things (IoT), and Helium Network, a decentralized wireless network, are expanding their roaming integration to include global Helium-compatible hotspots.

This expansion follows a previously completed network integration for U.S. customers and the delivery of integrated network mapping and planning tools designed to simplify the rollout of IoT solutions.

Available today, Senet’s Extended Coverage Services include global LoRaWAN network connectivity delivered by more than 720,000 Helium-compatible hotspots in more than 55,000 cities and 170 countries.

The Helium Network broadens coverage in areas where Senet has deployed carrier-grade networks and provides access to LoRaWAN network connectivity for enterprise and consumer-grade devices where Senet has not yet deployed carrier-grade services. As hotspots are added to the global Helium Network, they will contribute to Senet’s network coverage at no additional cost to customers.

For solution providers deploying commercial applications at scale, Senet provides a carrier grade on-ramp to the Helium Network. Through a full suite of cloud-based services, solution providers partnered with Senet can onboard and operate their IoT devices using Helium-compatible hotspots while benefiting from Senet’s managed network services and customer support.

With this global network integration Senet has enhanced its network planning and coverage visualization tools. Features unique to Senet’s integration with the Helium Network include:

  • Global and integrated display of Senet and the Helium Network’s public network coverage from a dynamically updated map
  • Interactive capabilities, including zip code search and zoom functionality, allowing users to view coverage available at any location
  • Through the click of a mouse, Senet customers can “drop a pin” on a network planning map resulting in the display of path quality to that location from the Senet network and the number of Helium-compatible gateways in proximity to that location

For network coverage details, view Senet’s network coverage map. For more information on Senet network planning and management tools, call +1 877-807-5755.