SHI Connects Remote, Mobile Workforces with New Solution

SHI International, a large IT solutions provider, has launched its SHI Mobile solution. SHI Mobile is a multi-carrier LTE data solution, designed to provide fast, reliable LTE data connections for employees working from home, on the road, at customer sites—any location with a poor Wi-Fi connection.

SHI Mobile offers an unlimited LTE data plan that harnesses the power of more than 600 U.S. and international carriers to provide the widest and strongest cellular data coverage. With a single SIM or eSIM, devices connect to the highest-quality signal that will provide the fastest and most reliable data transfer.

This makes SHI Mobile perfect for organizations with a hybrid workforce, where employees might be competing for available internet bandwidth while working from home, operating remotely where no secure broadband is available, or even for medics and warehouse staff who often operate beyond the range of quality Wi-Fi connections.

Hospital frontline workers are using SHI Mobile to connect with caregivers who visit senior homes where there is no Wi-Fi connection at all. A major sporting franchise also uses SHI Mobile, in conjunction with a leading mobile health app, to screen and protect players, coaches, and support staff at stadiums across the United States.

SHI Mobile helps organizations streamline their carrier relationships and contracts for data plans as well as leverage SHI’s immense buying power for LTE-enabled devices from all major manufacturers. SHI Mobile is part of SHI’s growing portfolio of connectivity solutions, which also include mobile devices, voice and voice/data plans with most large U.S. carriers, and hosted desktop solutions.