Sierra Wireless Announces Collaboration with Microsoft

Sierra Wireless has announced a strategic collaboration with Microsoft to provide a full-stack IoT solution.

Sierra Wireless’ new Octave edge data orchestration solution has been successfully connected with Microsoft Azure IoT Central. Once in production, it will simplify and accelerate the process of getting edge data to the cloud, enabling enterprises to achieve the value of IoT for the industry 4.0 world.

In addition, Sierra Wireless intends to migrate its existing cloud infrastructure from AWS to utilize Azure’s full complement of cloud services.

Azure IoT Central is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that lets customers build and deploy production-grade IoT applications in hours without cloud computing experience or specialized skills. Octave merges edge devices, network, and cloud APIs into a single platform that securely extracts, orchestrates and acts on data from remote assets at the edge to the cloud. The integration will enable customers to focus on building their business rather than reinventing technical infrastructure, which dramatically reduces costs and development time from several months to days.