Siklu Deploys Public Radios in Ontario

Siklu announced that its radios have been deployed in the city of Cambridge, located west of Toronto.

According to Siklu, the city is concerned about crime and the spread of drug use in downtown area. Of particular concern are outdoor venues where people congregate. The city has fiber connections running to several municipal buildings and plans to deploy more where it makes economic sense. One particular application though, outdoor video, needed more flexibility to accommodate additional camera locations. Most parking lots, intersections and pedestrian walkways do not have a fiber PoP nearby. This meant the answer would almost certainly have to be a wireless solution. The solution needed to be flexible and secure, and have enough capacity to support additional high bandwidth applications.

The successful bidder on the project was Alliance Security Systems. Alliance investigated 5GHz solutions as well as 60GHz and determined that Siklu could meet their requirements. The EtherHaul 600 point to point 60GHz solution from Siklu had plenty of capacity (from 100Mbps up to 1Gbps), was extremely flexible in deployment (up to 1km range), and small enough in size that they could be deployed on light poles while remaining immune to interference.

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