SkySwitch Launches Reseller Rewards Program

SkySwitch has announced a rewards program designed to credit resellers for purchases of eligible products and services made through the SkySwitch Store.

In conjunction with the start of the program, SkySwitch has launched a “name the program” contest for SkySwitch resellers. Through May 31st, SkySwitch resellers can submit their suggested name for the program, with the first reseller providing the selected name being awarded 25,000 reward points. To enter, SkySwitch resellers can submit their suggestion via the Rewards Contest webpage.

SkySwitch resellers will immediately earn points that are applied as a credit to their account at the time of check out for all purchases made within the online store. Device manufacturers and distributors will be able to promote specific products that enable them to earn additional rewards points, increasing the credit applied for each eligible purchase made by the reseller.

No registration is required to participate. According to the company, purchases of eligible items made within the SkySwitch Store qualify for instant rewards points, which are applied as a credit at the point of sale.