Respond Software and CyberPeak Announce Partnership

Respond Software has entered into a service and reseller partnership with CyberPeak, a leading managed services and risk management partner for cybersecurity solutions.

CyberPeak enhances its technical prowess with the Respond Analyst, a virtual security analyst that uses RDA to deliver real-time, actionable security insights. With this partnership, CyberPeak is poised to deliver on the promise of intelligent automation in security operations with higher efficiency and faster results that lower risk.

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, organizations are forced to constantly upgrade security operations to stay ahead of potential incidents. The Respond Analyst provides a highly cost-effective and thorough way to analyze security-related alerts and data. In one example, CyberPeak used the Respond Analyst to monitor and investigate more than 104,000 events over just a few hours from a client’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and web gateway.

With the addition of the Respond Analyst, CyberPeak can now deliver the required perspective into security operations. The Respond Analyst is built with integrated reasoning – decision-making that leverages multiple sensors, contextual sources, and threat intelligence from the environment.