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Sunday, January 24, 2021

SlashNext Launches Channel Partner Program for Anti-Phishing Solutions

SlashNext has launched a channel partner program to help organizations close the gaps in their existing defenses against advanced phishing and social engineering threats.

This program offers real-time phishing detection across endpoints, mobile devices, and network controls to benefit MSSP, OEM, MDR, VAR, carrier, and technology  partners.

According to SlashNext, their patented technology saves hundreds of hours per week by automating anti-phishing solutions, dramatically reducing the effort involved in identifying and responding to suspicious URLs which translates into increased productivity and higher margins. SlashNext’s phishing IR product is currently integrated with several industry-leading SOAR and TIP platforms, and its endpoint protection products can be sold to organizations across all segments, providing flexible ways to deploy and activate.

The program offers several targeted tiers:

  • MSSPs can license services directly from SlashNext to consume as part of their service offerings for customers, or resell and then manage on behalf of their customers.
  • Solutions provider/VAR partners can resell SlashNext products and solutions to customers as part of a security stack.
  • Carrier partners can provide a branded SlashNext solution to their customers.
  • OEM partners can integrate or embed SlashNext solutions into or with their offerings and sell to their customers as a branded partner product.
  • Technology partners can work closely with SlashNext to tightly integrate products and provide end customers with an easy deployment.

To oversee the channel partner initiative, SlashNext has appointed Barry Ruditsky as SVP of business development. Ruditsky’s expertise involves development of strategic multi-channel business partnerships that generate sales and scale out revenues, along with deep experience and strong business development skills.


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