How to differentiate your solutions in today’s crowded UC market

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Advanced VoIP Solutions from Snom enable today’s growing businesses to communicate with confidence.

Please join Snom and Channel Vision on Tuesday, September 14th at 11:00 am PT to learn new differentiation strategies that set your CSP offerings apart, using our wireless and wired VoIP phone solutions to bolster your UC service offerings.  In an era in which your prospects are receiving an average of 4-6 quotes, let us show you how our VoIP phone solutions will help you close more business.

Join us as we explore:

o    Scalable Wireless DECT solutions

o    Single Cell and Multi-Cell

o    True Key Line Emulation – an SMB, Restaurant, and Retail Essential

o    Customizable Line Access Keys on Wireless Mobile and Desktop Devices

o    BLF Support

    • Remove barriers to UC adoption

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