Sponsored Content: 5 Ways UC Benefits HR

This post was sponsored by Bicom Systems, a leader in enterprise communication and collaboration solutions.

Just like the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, some would argue the human resource department is the powerhouse of an organization.

They are the first to know of important matters happening in the company and have many duties regarding the employees.

The HR department is usually responsible for recruiting; hiring; firing; training; resolving issues; implementing policies; development; strategic planning; and more.

With all of those responsibilities, it is without a doubt that HR professionals must rely on effective communication.

Implementing a proper unified communications channel for your HR department will therefore provide many benefits. UC can assist with duties like:

The hiring process: An HR specialist does not have the time to meet with every new potential hire, especially if the candidates are based outside of the city or even country. Video conference interviews are becoming more popular in the hiring industry. ​

Bicom’s solution, gloCOM​, integrates with Skype for Business, making it easier for recruiters to meet with potential candidates virtually. The applicants are able to use Skype for free and this allows organizations to seek employees outside their normal recruiting base. 

Training and Development: Once an employee is hired they will have to undergo training. This stage is extremely important because, for an employee to do their job to the best of their abilities, they will need the proper tools.

Unified communications make the training process incredibly easy. HR specialists can use features like screen share, file share, instant messaging and more to train new hires. Supervisors can use ​PBXware​ features like Whisper and Barge to listen in on new agents calls and guide them along the way to success. 

Organization and Strategic Planning: CRMs are great for collecting and organizing customer data, but they can also be used for employees! The HR department can integrate a CRM into their unified communications application to keep better track of all the employees in the organization. This organized data will help human resource specialists keep track of which positions will soon be available. They can better prepare for retirements, contract renewals, and layoffs. Did you know that ​gloCOM integrates with some of the most popular CRMs on the market?

Retaining employees:  For an organization to be successful, its employees need to be successful. Effective communication is one of the key tools to employee success. Providing employees with modern communication applications will make a difference in how they feel about their work environment. gloCOM’s mobile application, ​gloCOM GO​ is BYOD (bring your own device) friendly. This allows employees to work remotely, where they want and how they want. The saying​ “happy wife, happy life”

​ can be turned into ​“happy employee, happy company.” (It doesn’t rhyme but you get the hint!) 

Collaborating: A human resource specialist tends to wear many hats. HR is usually the first department a new hire will meet and the last they will see when their time at the company comes to an end. It is really important that they can easily collaborate with other departments and all employees in the organization. In larger organizations there typically is a team of HR professionals. It is vital that all team members work together and keep each other up to date of ongoing operations. Unified communication features like instant messaging, group chat and conference calls are just some of the components the HR department can use to successfully collaborate. 

 If you are part of a Human Resources team and want to learn more about how unified communications can assist you, take a look at our ​website​. If you would prefer a phone or video call, send our sales team an email at ​sales@bicomsystems.com​.

Laura Kyle is a marketing assistant for Bicom Systems (www.bicomsystems.com).