Sponsored Content: 8 Ways UC Helps Office Conflict

This post was sponsored by Bicom Systems, a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and cloud services.

On average, we spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with our coworkers. And we do this until the day we retire. There is no question that there is conflict in the workplace. Providing your employees with a unified communications solution will minimize the amount of office conflict.

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is one of the most common reasons conflict arises in the workplace. Unified Communications literally helps you communicate better in every way, shape, and form. Users can call, instant message, send files, screen share, conference and more on one interface. After implementing a UCaaS solution, there is no reason communication should be a problem.

BYOD Friendly

When employees get frustrated, they often express it towards other employees. Sometimes the IT guys get the brunt of frustration when an employee doesn’t know how to use their devices. The good news for the IT team is UCaaS is BYOD friendly! Employees can use devices they feel comfortable and are familiar with. PC users avoid frustration trying to learn how to screenshot on a Mac and vice versa.

Work Style

Just like people have different preferences on devices, they have different work styles. In large organizations, many types of work styles can cause conflict. Unified communications allow users the ability to be free from their desk. If you can’t stand sitting next to Chatty Cathy or find you’re more productive at night, UCaaS is your solution. Implementing a UCaaS solution allows organizations to hire remote workers. Remote workers will avoid work style conflicts completely because instead of being in the office, they can work from anywhere in the world!


There is nothing worse than someone who constantly bothers you at work. Don’t they see you are busy? Clearly, having your head down, headphones in, with a concentrated look on your face is not working. A feature found on most UC solutions is called “presence.” Users can set their presence status and availability and view other users. Now employees can check to see if you are available to chat before calling or approaching your desk.


If you thought when you left middle school you also left gossip and rumors, you were wrong. It still happens in the adult world and as a result, employees feel bullied. Unfortunately, it comes down to “he said, she said” and supervisors cannot be everywhere all the time. Or can they?

UC solutions allow supervisors to read their employees’ messages and listen to their phone calls. To some, it may sound like an invasion of privacy, but many organizations have a zero-bullying policy. If the employees know their phone calls and instant messages are being saved, it is legal.

Employee Recognition 

We all know that one coworker who doesn’t contribute or complete their work on time and still gets rewarded. They ride the coattails of other team members and the boss never seems to see it. As mentioned above, UC allows supervisors to have their ears and eyes everywhere. They can access their agent’s individual call records and monitor the team’s progress. The call record will show details like the time of call, duration, source, destination and more. Supervisors will see that Johnny (no offense to anyone named Johnny) is slacking off, and Sally is exceeding the daily goals. UC solutions will ensure employees receive the recognition they rightly deserve.

Noise Cancelling Headsets

Although open offices are great for collaborating, they are often loud and chaotic. You have office dogs, loud chewers and it can seem like it’s always someone’s birthday. With all the distractions it can be hard to finish a blog post on time, let alone make a phone call.

Noise-canceling headsets, like ​this one from Poly​, are the best solution to avoid conflict. Poly seamlessly integrates with Bicom Systems UC solution, ​gloCOM​. The pair combined creates the perfect softphone.

Departmental Conflicts

The marketing team is waiting on the developers to release the latest update. But the developers are still waiting for feedback on beta testing. This delay is causing problems for Sam in the finance department because he needs to finish the budget for the marketing department. Teamwork makes the dreamwork but only if everyone is doing their part in a timely manner.

UC solutions have all the features a user will need to communicate, neatly packaged in a GUI. Having everything in one space will speed up the decision-making process and enhance the collaboration experience.

This post was sponsored by Bicom Systems, a leading provider of VoIP phone systems and cloud services.