Sponsored Content: Bicom Systems — The Cost of Business: Can Cloud Communications Save Your Company Money?

Can cloud-based communications result in financial savings? In most cases, yes.

The cloud is a well-established technology that has been in the industry for over 25 years. It serves several benefits over the traditional, on-premise hardware organizations have used for decades. And with options such as Bicom Systems – where you can deploy your PBXware directly from our data center network – that choice becomes more accessible every day.

More companies than ever are turning to cloud communications because of its benefits for streamlining operations and improving logistics. With modern technology, it instantly becomes easier to outsource your infrastructure, communications software and maintenance to the provider, clearing up vital time and energy to better focus on your clients.

The benefits to performance, scalability, stability and security have been well documented. Today, let’s look at its cost-savings potential as well.

Reduced Startup and Update Investments

Cloud communications are generally cheaper and more secure than owning physical assets. By not investing in infrastructure, you save money and mitigate security threats. Working with a provider means they handle everything, and the price is a part of the cloud service’s all-inclusive cost structure.

Diminished Scalability Concerns

Pay-per-use communications are virtually, infinitely scalable. As the company grows – or shrinks – the only costs it incurs are for the capacity it uses.

Eliminated IT Staff Demand

Working with a hosted provider eliminates the need for dedicated IT support. The provider handles hosting, use, updates, and troubleshooting. Companies avoid investing in training resources or an additional workforce. The ease-of-use and automated updates are the calling cards of a suitable cloud communications system.


One of the more popular features of most cloud investments is Geo-Redundancy. With this element, your company’s resources are simultaneously stored across multiple, secure, geographically disparate servers. Employing GR eliminates organizational fears such as costly downtime, interference, and data loss. Whether the disaster is caused by a security issue or a natural disaster, a reliable backup is always immediately accessible!

Data Security

Cloud tech helps to protect against devastating and potentially expensive DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. In particular, it offers encryption to secure transmissions and backup functionality to help the organization absorb an otherwise devastating attack.

Eased Communications

Calling costs are also, in most cases, alleviated. Gone are the old POTS (plain old telephone service), long-distance charges and other fees associated with conducting commerce on a national – or even international – scope.

The question remains, can cloud-based communications services save your organization money? Depending on your need, and your company’s logistics, it can! Like most business expenses, the cost of communications can be controlled by paying only for the services and capacity that your company needs.

And in a complicated business climate in which the bottom line can be the determining factor, cloud communications should never be excluded from consideration.