Sponsored Content: Free Your Service Provider Business From the Shackles of Connectivity Vendors

This article was sponsored by Multapplied Networks, a leading SD-WAN enabler. 

Let’s face it: Few things are worse than feeling like you aren’t in control over your own destiny.

It’s the reason why entrepreneurs start their own businesses, and why many new technologies are invented. Ultimately, the struggle for freedom keeps us moving, until we reach a position of control.

When SD-WAN was first created, the hope was that it would free service providers from having to rely on Monopoly Telecoms and Cablecos for connectivity. SD-WAN was supposed to be an empowering, and liberating technology.

Unfortunately, SD-WAN became corrupted.

Almost immediately, vendors began to look at SD-WAN with dollar signs in their eyes. It quickly became apparent that SD-WAN could be used to lock service providers into binding agreements, while vendors took in a large portion of the proceeds from sales.

Over the years, hype for SD-WAN continued to grow until it became a household name. Along the way, many industry professionals lost sight of the fact that SD-WAN had grown into something far different than it was originally intended to be.

The vast majority of SD-WAN services that you see today are watered down versions of what they could be. In a nutshell, service providers are getting ripped off left and right. They’re selling privately branded SD-WAN services that give them virtually no control over product marketing, margins or deployment.

Here at Multapplied, we’re working to change that.

Our goal is to make network administrators realize that there are better options available than selling someone else’s privately branded SD-WAN solution.

To put it bluntly, Multapplied offers a white-label SD-WAN solution that lets service providers do whatever they please. Multapplied provides the connectivity, and the service provider gets to call the shots along every step of the way.

With Multapplied, service providers gain:

  • Full control over pricing;
  • Full control over the network;
  • Full control over WAN paths;
  • Full control over marketing; and more!

We recently outlined all of the business and technical advantages of white labeling your SD-WAN in a new white paper.

To access this document, click here.

Can’t wait any longer, and want to immediately free yourself from the shackles of your vendor? Contact Multapplied today.

Alex Caw is a Sales & Marketing Associate at Multapplied Networks.