T-Mobile for Business Offers Ooma AirDial

Ooma Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, announced that T-Mobile for Business is offering Ooma AirDial, an innovative solution for replacing traditional voice line service, or POTS, as part of its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio.

T-Mobile offers a range of IoT products and services for businesses of all sizes with solutions that are ready to deploy, customizable and secure. Customers of T-Mobile for Business can learn about Ooma AirDial at https://www.t-mobile.com/business/solutions/iot/pots-phone-network and place an order through a T-Mobile for Business sales representative.

Analog copper-wire phone lines, also known as plain old telephone service or POTS, are being phased out rapidly by legacy telecommunications providers. This “copper sunset” creates a challenge for maintaining safety devices and business-critical systems that require a POTS line – ranging from fire alarm panels to elevator phones, fax machines, public safety phones, building access systems and more – that often can’t be migrated to voice over internet, or VoIP, service. Meanwhile, the monthly cost of business POTS lines is increasing and reliability is declining.

Ooma AirDial (https://www.ooma.com/airdial) provides a turnkey replacement for POTS lines by combining the AirDial base station with virtual analog phone service and a data connection through the nationwide T-Mobile network. AirDial deployments can be managed remotely through an online portal with automated alerts, reducing expensive “truck rolls” and lowering incident response time.

Ooma and T-Mobile have established a direct connection for AirDial between T-Mobile’s network and Ooma’s cloud-based phone service, enhancing reliability and call quality. This direct connection also means calls do not traverse the public internet – a regulatory requirement for some life safety systems, such as fire alarm panels.

For more information on Ooma AirDial from T-Mobile for Business, go to https://www.t-mobile.com/business/solutions/iot/pots-phone-network or learn more at www.ooma.com or www.ooma.ca in Canada.