TBI’s GEM Awards Program Incents Partners

TBI, a leading technology services distributor, launched a new partner incentive program, Partner GEM Awards. The program allows qualifying TBI partners a chance to use exclusive resources to enhance and grow their businesses, in addition to incentive opportunities for their organization.

Named purposefully to display TBI’s “precious” relationship with their partner community, the Partner GEM Awards Program (PGA) is structured in four tiers. Qualifying partners will earn market development funds relative to the revenue they drove the year prior, which are paid directly from TBI to their organization. The tiering structure is Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

In addition to PGA program members benefiting from market development funds from TBI, the incentive program offers other benefits. One includes the ability for partners to earn additional spots for their team to attend TBI’s exclusive annual President’s Club trip.

Ruby and Diamond tier members can earn up to three trips, allowing three individuals from their organization and their plus-ones to attend (six people total). This philosophy is consistent with the other offerings in the PGA program, focusing on rewarding TBI partners with growing revenues.

“This unprecedented TBI program is the first of many enhancements surrounding our new Partner driven initiative to bring a customized experience and value-add to our partner community,” said TBI’s SVP of Global Sales, Brandon Smith.

Learn how to become a TBI partner by visiting their website.