TDL Gentek to Distribute Corero’s DDoS Protection

Corero Network Security, specialists in distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection solutions, announced its collaboration with TDL Gentek, a Canadian distributor specializing in providing technologies to internet and telecommunications service providers. The partnership makes DDoS protection services available to businesses across Canada.

TDL Gentek’s decision to incorporate Corero’s DDoS protection services into its offerings underscores its commitment to providing Canadian businesses with the means to fortify their online infrastructure and maintain business continuity and customer trust.

The escalating frequency and complexity of DDoS attacks have led to a need for advanced protection mechanisms that can safeguard businesses’ online operations and reputations.

Corero’s flexible, automated protection aligns with TDL Gentek’s mission to provide proactive cybersecurity solutions that ensure uninterrupted online services, preserving revenue and customer trust.

TDL Gentek’s commitment to customer success is enhanced through Corero’s expertise to optimize DDoS protection strategies.

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