Telarix Adds Automated Wholesale Minutes Trading

Today’s service provider wholesale trading relationships are more complex than ever. New partnerships, new content, new technologies, and even new business models are changing the way service providers do business with each other. To take on the issue, Telarix has announced Smart Links, a portfolio release that uses business intelligence to automate the trading of wholesale minutes.

The tool allows carriers to create financially sound target buy and sell lists, utilizing customizable business rules and data. The lists are automatically sent to vendors, and in turn, vendors are able to match opportunities. The end result, Telarix said, is a more streamlined buying process that not only saves time, but reduces overhead costs and errors.

“Smart Links advanced technology allows carriers to look at data to formulate buy and sell lists ensuring carriers are able to execute their strategies and maximize profits and margins, ” said Vic Bozzo, senior vice president of sales and marketing of Telarix. “The iXLink community will further benefit through continued efficiencies with the addition of Smart Links.”

Smart Links works in conjunction with iXLink, Telarix’s secure business-to-business information exchange platform that enables communication service providers to access and share business documents among their trading partners.