TelePacific Adds Ft. Worth Sales Head

TelePacific Communications has appointed a head of sales for Fort Worth, Danny Dunn, who brings more than 30 years of executive leadership in IT and communications solutions to the table.

Most recently, he served as vice president of sales at Verify Systems.

“I’ve worked for some of the big names in the telecom space, but there were a couple of things about TelePacific that made this an irresistible opportunity,” Dunn said. “I saw 55 straight quarters of growth and a stable set of investors over the past 18 years – something you just don’t see in this industry. That spoke to stability and success. Added to that, I saw a 95 percent customer stisfaction performance, and a less than 1 percent churn in accounts: Also unheard of in this space ,and a compelling argument that TelePacific knew how to not only attract, but keep their customers.”

TelePacific has made significant investments in both people and real estate in Texas as it focuses on weaving itself deep into the state’s business community. It has major offices in all the state’s major metro areas and delivers managed services and business communications solutions.

“Today’s business demands for unified communications and managed services are incredibly complex, rapidly evolving and essential for their competitive success,” says Brad Mitchell, president of TelePacific Texas.  “We can provide customized, easy to implement solutions that come with one point of contact, one bill and one provider.  Even more importantly, we’ve grown because we’ve stay true to a small company service ethic even though we’re a large company.  We’re built around people who know their communities, customers and needs. Danny’s a sterling example of that kind of person.”

A long-time resident of northeast Tarrant County who’s active in his community and church, Dunn is energized by the opportunity to bring TelePacific’s solutions to businesses there.

“The companies that are doing well in our local economy are the ones that understand how to manage their P & L and use solutions that effectively balance cost and technical virtuosity,” he said. “Managed services and the cloud play very well to that audience, particularly solutions like our hosted PBX and robust support packages. TelePacific has a DNA of customer service that always underpins its solutions portfolio, and that makes it very satisfying to talk to customers because you know that you can help their businesses grow.”