Telescent to Deliver Cross-Connections for Quantum Loophole’s QLoop Fiber Network

Telescent, a leading manufacturer of automated fiber cross-connects for data centers, announced that Quantum Loophole Inc. has signed an agreement for Telescent’s automated interconnect system to be deployed at the company’s Quantum Maryland data center development site, which is under construction.

Quantum Loophole is a Gigawatt-scale master-planned data center developer deploying Telescent’s automated system to manage the diagnostics and connectivity for the company’s QLoop fiber network, a 40 (+/-) mile hyperscale fiber ring connecting Quantum Maryland to the Northern Virginia Internet ecosystem.

The agreement sets into motion Telescent’s next phase of growth. Set to be deployed across multiple operation centers at the Quantum Maryland data center campus, Telescent’s automated interconnect system will manage interconnections across the campus and between Frederick and many locations across data center alley in Northern Virginia.

The automated interconnection system reduces the need for additional manpower, minimizes truck rolls and provides the ability to process interconnections within a few minutes end-to-end.

Telescent’s interconnect system is a robotic patch panel that addresses the requirements of automating fiber management among enterprises, cloud service providers, network operators and telecom carriers. Robotic systems provide the opportunity to manage more than 200,000 fiber connections simultaneously and are supported by an algorithm that enables the robotic arm to weave around fibers without restrictions to manage connections, disconnections and reconnections over the lifetime of the data center.

Telescent’s system enables the remote and near real-time delivery of services such as bandwidth-on-demand solutions, and unmanned interconnection capabilities and offers the opportunity to turn on new services in remote locations directly through the platform.

“With Telescent’s automated cross-connect system, we’re on track to enable one of the largest regional fiber backbones to ever be built by offering automatic direct connectivity between Frederick, Md., and the Northern Virginia Internet ecosystem,” said Josh Snowhorn, founder and CEO of Quantum Loophole Inc. “With Telescent’s system, we will be capable of processing cross-connects in minutes instead of hours or days, all without a human being touching it.

“We are confident that the use of robotics in our high-capacity network and development site will enable our customers to connect with ease and allow for management of fiber at a significantly higher scale,” Snowhorn added.

“Integrating our automated cross-connect system into the Quantum Maryland campus and QLoop network is a massive milestone for Telescent,” said Anthony Kewitsch, co-founder and CEO of Telescent. “Not only does this kick into motion the next phase of growth for our company, we now have the opportunity to illustrate the powerful capabilities that an automated cross-connect platform could enable – particularly as the need for interconnection services continues to grow while being part of one of the largest regional fiber network deployments to be built.”

Quantum Loophole’s QLoop fiber network is a 40 (+/-) mile hyperscale fiber ring that will connect Quantum Maryland to the Ashburn, Virginia ecosystem. The network ring will offer capacity for more than 200,000 strands of fiber. In the summer of 2022, Quantum Loophole broke ground on QLoop, with a completion date targeted for 2023.

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