Telinta Adds API to its Hosted Softswitch Platform

Telinta has integrated an API into its switching and billing platform that VoIP service providers can use to purchase domestic and toll-free phone numbers (DIDs) from thinQ, a provider of VoIP termination and origination services for more than 1,000 partners.

The API allows Telinta customers to access their thinQ origination account and purchase DIDs for use with any of Telinta’s white label VoIP solutions, such as hosted PBX, SIP trunking, OTT mobile VoIP using Telinta’s brandable smartphone app, calling card, pinless, and other services.

Together with Telinta’s brandable self-service portals, the API also enables VoIP service providers to allow end users to select their own phone number via thinQ’s DID inventory across the U.S. and Canada.

Telinta customers can also offer thinQ phone numbers on a wholesale basis to their own resellers and customers via Telinta’s TeliCore platform. TeliCore is a carrier-grade Class 4 and Class 5 softswitch, integrating Telinta’s cutting-edge VoIP solutions with world-class switching, billing. Telinta provides comprehensive training and 24×7 live technical support.

Both companies will offer special promotions to new customers.

thinQ customers who sign up for new service with Telinta will receive a $400 credit towards their monthly usage of hosted softswitch and billing services. VoIP service providers can also use thinQ’s high-quality A-Z VoIP termination with their Telinta service. Telinta customers can open a test account at thinQ and receive up to 1,000 free minutes of VoIP termination and discounted pricing.