Tenable Strengthens Relationship with IBM Security

Tenable Inc., a cyber exposure company, has expanded its strategic relationship with IBM Security X-Force Red to deliver comprehensive active directory security services that detect and prevent attacks against the active directory and connected environment in real-time.

By combining the power of Tenable.ad with X-Force Red’s team of veteran hackers, organizations can identify and disrupt attack opportunities before bad actors can leverage them.

Active directory is a target-rich environment that can, if left vulnerable, offer attackers a route to privilege and control of the domain. Most organizations struggle with active directory security due to misconfigurations piling up as domains increase in complexity, leaving security teams unable to find and fix flaws before they become business-impacting issues.

Leveraging Tenable.ad, the X-Force Red team provides deployment, configuration, support and tool management to identify active directory misconfigurations and other weaknesses. From there, the team prioritizes the highest-risk flaws based on weaponization and manages the complete remediation process from end-to-end. The result is a hardened active directory environment, disrupted attack paths, and no next steps for bad actors.

For information about the partnership, visit https://www.ibm.com/security/services/offensive-security-services.