uCloudlink Expands Its PaaS and SaaS Ecosystem with HyperConn

As the demand for global connectivity continues to surge, UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (uCloudlink), a mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has harnessed a raft of proprietary technologies to redefine the network connectivity with its new, trademarked hyperconnectivity solution, the HyperConn.

uCloudlink focuses on user experience via hyper-connectivity technology solution through PaaS and SaaS platform, which enables better data connection for users and business partners. uCloudlink says its HyperConn is a technology advancement, which is the result of a collective effort of its R&D team for years. Through uCloudlink’s PaaS and SaaS platforms and supported by the company’s patented technologies, HyperConn is a holistic solution that enhances the mobile network experience for users and partners.

Using more than 10 of uCloudlink’s related patents, HyperConn covers technologies such as real-time network monitoring for network optimization, instant mobile network switching, network backup for network complement, smart multi-network reselection based on data analysis and machine learning, SIM card resource allocation and more, all of which address the problems of existing network connectivity while also improving the management efficiency capabilities of uCloudlink’s CloudSIM card.

The technology of forming a snapshot of historical mobile traffic use for different operators and networks with data sourced from a large number of terminals in various locations predicts future traffic demands and determines the optimal SIM card strategy, so users can enjoy the better network services from the operators at all times.

uCloudlink’s related patented technology can use big data and machine learning to determine whether a terminal has become inactive and whether to reactivate it, which in turn improves the utilization rate of each individual card.

Also, the technology adopted in the creation of the visual interface makes it easier for users and provides better user experience. This clean and simple interface elevated users’ experience of network connection, allowing them to select their preferred services based on real-time needs.

Since its inception, uCloudlink has been investing in R&D which can facilitate the company to establish leading technological position of its PaaS and SaaS platform in the early stage of 5G, as well as an innovator and the accelerator of the 5G Cloud Era.