uCloudlink Inks Agreement with ANZ CLOUDLINK

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC., a leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has signed a cooperation agreement with ANZ CLOUDLINK TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD., a company based in Australia. The agreement will see uCloudlink strengthen its presence in the markets of Australia and New Zealand, as it expands its global PaaS and SaaS ecosystem.

Under the agreement, ANZ CLOUDLINK will import, market and distribute and also be responsible for all advertising and promotion of the mobile broadband products such as uCloudlink’s GlocalMe portable Wi-Fi devices in Australia and New Zealand.

uCloudlink’s products and services leverage the company’s Hyper-Connectivity solution, which is supported by cloud SIM technology through PaaS and SaaS platform, to integrate the relevant resources of its partner ecosystem, which includes data service suppliers, terminal suppliers and applicable developers around the world.

The platform then intelligently allocates these resources to end-users for a seamless, superior connectivity experience at home and abroad.

In particular, its innovative GlocalMe portable Wi-Fi device is ideal for frequent travelers as it boasts full-band support with better data connectivity user experience.