uCloudlink Supports Primary Bio in North America

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC., has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Primary Bio (Primary), an application and solution developer based in San Francisco, for the procurement of mobile broadband (MBB) devices and data services to be used in North America.

An integral partner for COVID-19 testing and vaccination support systems for the United States government and institutions, Primary provides web application logistics such as registration, scheduling, sample tracking and delivery of results for testing and vaccination in many states. Primary will acquire uCloudlink’s GlocalMe devices and data services, which will help enhance its operational efficiency and promote its business growth while assisting the U.S.’s efforts against the pandemic.

Dedicated to making the world more connected, GlocalMe offers full-frequency support that allows stable and seamless mobile data connectivity. The solution is ideal for companies and businesses that rely on reliable and safe network connectivity under the most demanding conditions as it intelligently chooses and connects to the best mobile network empowered by uCloudlink’s patented Cloud SIM technology.

The cooperation with Primary is the latest in a string of partnerships that have seen uCloudlink expand its footprint in North American. Earlier this year, uCloudlink teamed up with Cello Mobile International, a source of mobile data services and international cell phone services for travelers in the United States and Canada, to resell GlocalMe devices and corresponding data services packages to its corporate and individual users.