Unified Office Announces Visual Call Flow Builder

Unified Office announced today at Enterprise Connect that it is expanding its Total Connect Now  platform to include a Visual Call Flow Builder.

Visual Call Flow Builder provides a simple GUI that gives Unified Office customers and resellers the ability to build, design and manage their own call flows.

With this solution, users can adjust their communications work flows via drag and drop functionality. For example, this could include a series of instructions on how calls should be handled when they can’t be picked up.

Unified Office’s offering is very intuitive and easy to use, the company says, and is available at no charge to its resellers and customers.

Businesses can now create their own virtual receptionist, too. Call flows can be set up on the fly, from any device, and are comprised of a rich set of features including the ability to upload prompts and voice messages, change hours of operation, and configure call and work flows in any number of configurations. This is all possible without the need to call Unified Office for support.