UPSTACK Forges Partnership with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box

UPSTACK, a fast-growing platform that transforms the way businesses design and select internet infrastructure solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with Wyoming Hyperscale White Box LLC, which builds advanced, sustainable data centers in the U.S..

With this partnership, UPSTACK advisors and customers will gain early access to secure space in Wyoming Hyperscale’s groundbreaking data center cluster, which is located on 58 acres on the north ridgeline of Aspen Mountain, 11 miles southeast of Evanston, Wyoming. The tract is uniquely situated in a cool climate in the center of the country atop diverse fiber-optic long-haul network connections and adjacent to solar, wind and future advanced nuclear power plants as well as diverse natural gas storage and multiple high-pressure gas transmission lines.

The facility is under construction and expected to begin commissioning in the fourth quarter of 2022.

“We’ve tapped the industry’s pre-eminent experts in every field to help us realize our goal to create the most sustainable high-density data center,” said Trenton Thornock, Founder and Managing Member of Wyoming Hyperscale. “We chose UPSTACK as our strategic partner because of their advisors’ vast data center expertise and unmatched reputations for delivering trusted guidance to data center solution decision makers.”

In addition, the company announced investments in sustainable technologies and techniques, including:

  • Using liquid immersion cooling from Submer to reduce power consumption by 50 percent, increase cooling power efficiency by 95 percent and consume no water.
  • Powering facilities direct from wind farm generation switchgear.
  • Harvesting compute heat for use by a neighboring indoor farm.
  • Installing nickel-zinc battery-based uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for backup energy storage.

“Simply put, Wyoming Hyperscale’s approach to data centers hasn’t been done before. The amount of computing power in a smaller footprint is simply amazing,” said James Caulfield, Partner and Managing Director at UPSTACK. “We’re excited to introduce customers to the data center of the future – today – while also benefiting the environment and helping businesses execute against their corporate ESG initiatives.”

Wyoming Hyperscale offers data center clients:

  • 80kW average rack density, 100kW maximum rack density
  • N+1 UPS redundancy
  • 10MW vaults available for retail and wholesale implementation
  • Dedicated on-site substation with 120MW design capacity
  • Remote hands
  • 24/7 security
  • Implementation solutions
  • Multicarrier Internet backbone connectivity on five diverse laterals

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