Valtix Delivers Cloud Security for Departmental, Development, Test Applications

Valtix, a multi-cloud network security platform as a service, announced the availability of its Free Tier. Organizations can add – at no cost and within minutes – multi-cloud security with continuous visibility and proactive defense to their departmental, development and test applications. Organizations no longer need to compromise on security to deliver the apps needed to scale their business.

Proactive security is a critical requirement for every application in the public cloud, yet there is a knowledge and skills gap when it comes to applying security controls to the underlying cloud provider. In fact, when it comes to multi-cloud security, research shows that 97 percent of IT leaders feel it is a top priority, yet it’s underinvested at 76 percent of companies. This constraint means organizations are focused on securing mission critical and customer facing apps, which often leaves departmental, development and test environments exposed.

With the Valtix Free Tier, departmental applications, development and test scenarios can be secured at no cost, for as long as needed. Valtix requires no agents to be deployed and can be enabled in minutes. Additional benefits of the Valtix Free Tier include:

  • Easy to deploy to existing applications in AWS, Azure, and GCP using the Valtix console or Terraform
  • Discovery and visibility for continuous cloud asset discovery
  • Identify malicious sites, IPs including malware, phishing and botnet systems
  • Advanced security enforcement with cloud firewall (NGFW), intrusion prevention (IDS/IPS/AV), and web application firewall (WAF) from Valtix
  • Provides out-of-the-box security policies for most common scenarios, thus reducing the complexity of securing many departmental applications

“As more cloud attacks happen every day, the threats of zero day exploits and web application vulnerabilities means good hygiene and posture management is not enough,” said Vishal Jain, co-founder and CTO at Valtix. “The Valtix Free Tier ties visibility with defense providing a level of security that many departmental and even non-production applications need, but without the complexity, infrastructure management, or cost challenges of other solutions.”

As enterprises move more workloads to the public cloud, cloud environments have grown in complexity. Valtix aims to make the complex world of multi-cloud environments digestible for its customers. Cloud teams can sign-up for the Valtix Free Tier at or the AWS marketplace.

To learn more, join Valtix and AWS for a workshop-style webinar for a hands on demonstration at 9 a.m. PT, November 17.