Veritas Partners with Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative

Veritas Technologies, a leader in secure multi-cloud data management, will partner with the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC). In the role, Veritas will work with JCDC’s federal government and private sector partners along with state, local, tribal and territorial governments to help lead the development and implementation of joint cyber defense plans and operations to reduce risk to the cyber ecosystem and critical infrastructure.

As a multi-cloud data management-focused private sector member of JCDC, Veritas will contribute expertise to increase the cyber resiliency of critical data across clouds and on-premises to protect it from ransomware and other cyber threats.

Kevin Youngquist, vice president of, US Public Sector at Veritas, said, “Data is the backbone of modern society — global economies, governing bodies and critical infrastructure all rely on it. But this critical data is at risk. Current estimates suggest cybercriminals target data with ransomware every 11 seconds. Recovering from these crises rapidly at scale with proven technologies is vital, now more than ever. The public and private sectors are joining forces at an unprecedented rate through initiatives like JCDC to solve this multi-faceted challenge.”

In addition to working toward a shared goal of enhancing the collective cybersecurity posture of the United States and its strategic international partners, Veritas and its customers will benefit from its JCDC membership through Veritas’ access to security analyst-to-security analyst collaboration and operational analysis as well as an information exchange portal available only to JCDC partners.

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