Viakoo, Nozomi Deliver Agentless, End-to-End, IoT Security at Scale

Viakoo, a leader in IoT vulnerability remediation, announced a partnership with Nozomi Networks, a leader in OT and IoT security. Together they deliver end-to-end, agentless IoT enterprise security management solution that discovers and remediates vulnerabilities rapidly and at scale. Customers can rest easy knowing their IoT devices are not a security liability.

Unlike traditional IT devices, OT/IoT devices typically lack the same level of visibility and vulnerability management, leaving a massive attack surface that presents an open door for cybercriminals. Nozomi Networks discovers all connected OT/IoT devices, assesses them for noncompliance or vulnerabilities and automates policy-driven workflows that govern how the OT/IoT device should be configured and behave on the network.

In turn, Viakoo analyzes the vulnerabilities and remediates them at scale with its patented, agentless Viakoo Action Platform. Further, Viakoo has an OT/IoT remediation solution that addresses the OT/IoT application and the device itself.

“The OT/IoT Security attack surface continues to grow which warrants a comprehensive, automated solution. Addressing OT/IoT security, device by device, is an arduous, expensive, and tedious task for organizations,” said Frank Rubio, VP of Alliances at Viakoo. “Together with Nozomi Networks, our joint solution enables customers to quickly identify and repair OT/IoT vulnerabilities to reduce risk and administrative overhead.”

In addition, Nozomi Networks and Viakoo create a bi-directional data stream, enriching the value of both solutions and assisting in enforcing a zero-trust environment complete with certificates, firmware patching and password management.

“Viakoo helps customers accelerate mean time To repair (MTTR) with their automated remediation platform”, said Chet Namboodri, SVP of Business Development and Alliances at Nozomi Networks. “Helping to close known vulnerabilities with fewer resources at scale is a key business driver for our customers which we can deliver through this partnership.”

The solution is available now for Viakoo and Nozomi Networks customers. For information, click here.