WISPA Voted Cambium Networks Manufacturer of the Year

Cambium Networks, a global provider of fixed wireless and Wi-Fi networking solutions, was awarded Manufacturer of the Year as voted by the members of the Wireless ISP Association (WISPA). Cambium Networks has now won WISPA’s Manufacturer of the Year award four years in a row.

“Wireless broadband is a proven, reliable and efficient technology to bridge the digital divide. Today, 7 million individuals and businesses in the United States get their broadband from nearly 2,800 WISPs who serve their local communities,” said Claude Aiken, president of WISPA. “We are proud to recognize Cambium Networks as the Manufacturer of the Year.”

President and CEO of Cambium Networks Atul Bhatnagar saod. “Wireless ISPs are enabling digital inclusion. They are innovators who are intimately familiar with multiple technologies. They are also entrepreneurs who know how to move fast and win by offering competitive services. Broadband service providers have made multi-gigabit fixed wireless broadband a reality for urban and suburban areas.”

The company’s SVP of product management Scott Imhoff added, “Spectrum is a scarce resource for wireless service providers. Every day, our development and support teams collaborate with broadband service providers to find ways to efficiently deliver more throughput than alternatives. In this last year, our collaboration has led to our advancements in 60 GHz cnWave multi-gigabit millimeter wave technology, deploying more than 90,000 CBRS devices and Spectrum Access System (SAS) solutions, and most recently our cnMatrix TX ethernet switches specifically designed for tower deployments,”

Cambium Networks’ full range of solutions are available through its global network of partners.