ZenFi’s Walter Cannon Discusses Channel Program

ZenFi Networks has emerged as a connectivity disruptor in New York and New Jersey, with its purpose-built communications infrastructure network that’s enabling mobile densification.

In March, the company will head to Channel Partners with a mission to expand deeper into the carrier community and educate partners about their leading regional 5G enabled network.

We spoke with VP of Business Development Walter Cannon at the recent Metro Connect conference in Miami to learn more about the company and where they’re heading.

CV: Tell us about ZenFi and why the company was founded.

WC: ZenFi was formed to solve some of the problems that we saw in the wireless space. We were able to build a pretty diverse and accessible network that runs throughout the city’s five boroughs. And following our recent merger with Cross River Fiber, we expanded into New Jersey.

This gives us two things. Our network provides a platform for major mobile network operators to build on. It also gives us a ton of connectivity between all major data centers.  We’re in about 40-plus major data centers in the New York/ New Jersey area, with diverse entrances and a lot of different route options. So we’re able to turn up circuits really quick—sometimes under 15 days.

CV: Tell us about your emerging channel program.

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We’re now in the early stages of developing a channel program.  My plan is to have it done by the end of the second quarter. Our goal going to Las Vegas in March is to talk to channel partners and see what they really want. But I suspect it’s going to be a lot of the same thing that they’re already used to—a decent discount, and the ability to sell anything on our network. We’ll look to partner with some Type IIs, and offer  solutions for them both in the data center space as well as colos and enterprises.

CV: What differentiates you from your competitors?

WC: We like to say, especially in the 5 boroughs, everything’s either near net or on net. Because of the way we built our network, we can access our cable at any manhole that we traverse. So there’s a manhole going down most of the major avenues. We probably have at least two, if not three 864 count fiber cables passing through. So I never want anybody to be scared about bringing us a challenge. We like to work with challenges, and provide connectivity to customers.

Stop by booth 1158 at Channel Partners to meet the ZenFi team.