Zomentum Adds Auto-update Pricing, Order Forms

Zomentum creators of an intelligent revenue platform built for the partner ecosystem, announces today the addition of Auto-update Pricing and Reusable Order Forms to its Zomentum Grow sales acceleration application for partners. These upgrades enable partners to create competitive and profitable quotes.

The Zomentum Grow application allows partners to assess customer needs, discover innovative software as a service (SaaS) solutions, design quotes and proposals, convert opportunities to revenue, automate tedious sales tasks, analyze sales pipelines and expand accounts with quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and upsells.

“Zomentum Grow reduces the complexity of the sales process by consolidating numerous tools into one platform so partners can grow revenue more quickly,” said Zomentum CEO Shruti Ghatge. “Auto-update Pricing and Order Forms are the latest tools enabling partners to speed time to revenue and profitability.”

Auto-update Pricing, a feature of Zomentum Grow, automatically updates product prices in quotes created in the sales application with the best-available pricing every 24 hours, so partners can ensure their proposals are cost competitive and profitable.

Auto-update Pricing addresses a common problem for partners – client quotes with outdated pricing. Often, proposals aren’t accepted immediately, so the price of the solutions can change when clients are ready to buy. Today, partners have two choices:

  • Verify and update the pricing manually
  • Close the deal with an outdated price

Neither option is good. Partners waste valuable time validating pricing and risk losing the deal with pricing that’s too high or getting the deal with pricing that’s no longer profitable. Plus, the client may end up paying more than the market rate, which can cause problems for the partner if/when customers discover they’ve been overcharged.

With Zomentum Grow, partners can create quotes by selecting products from distributors they’ve integrated into the sales application. With Auto-update Pricing activated, partners can select more than one distributor, so the lowest price offering will be added to the quote, ensuring you and your clients get the best value.

Zomentum Grow’s Order Forms is an error-free approach to a common practice among partners of recreating quotes for similar orders. This manual process is time-consuming and can result in errors, such as quoting the wrong product or pricing.

Instead of creating similar orders, partners can use Zomentum Grow’s Order Forms to create a reusable template. Clients can order the same items or choose from a pool of similar items each time they reorder. Order Forms can be client-specific or generic (for any client), depending on the partners’ needs.

Auto-update Pricing and Order Forms work together well to streamline sales activity. Order Forms facilitate repeat sales while Auto-update Pricing updates prices listed in the Order Forms, enabling zero-touch sales.