AeroClave Launches Partner Program

Decontamination technology company AeroClave has launched a channel partner program, giving resellers and consultants access to sell or refer its systems.

“Post-pandemics, everyone is much more aware of the need to decontaminate offices, churches, buses, waiting rooms, and classrooms. AeroClave produces some of the nation’s top-selling decon equipment and is sitting on leads,” said AeroClave CEO Ronald D. Brown, MD. “Which is why we are launching the new partner program to help fill the demand.”

AeroClave does not require toxic chemicals and a bio-suit, so it is one of the safest options. It also takes less time since you don’t have to hermetically seal and then clear the rooms. Plus, it uses a common fogging solution, which is less expensive than many proprietary options. It is one of the only systems that allows any employee to perform decon — which broadens the market.

The partner program is for referral partners, like consultants. Plus, it will appeal to VARs and MSPs, and even OEM partners.

AeroClave products are a good fit for anyone who sells into offices, schools, medical, or government accounts. The partner program includes all the must-have program elements like deal registration, competitive margins, free training, MDF and SPIFFs, a partner locator and leads.

Partners can find out more