Broadvoice Introduces CXHub Marketplace for Labor Outsourcing

Broadvoice, a provider of hosted voice, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and omnichannel contact center as a service (CCaaS) for small and mid-market enterprises and business process outsourcers (BPOs), announced its new program, CXHub, in partnership with ArenaCX, during Customer Contact Week in Nashville.

With CXHub, businesses have access to a marketplace of nearly 200 pre-vetted BPO providers to meet their CCaaS and other business outsourcing needs, whether to streamline operations, improve daily workflows, or scale for seasonality.

CXHub helps businesses address labor needs and staffing challenges caused by seasonality, emergencies, changes in call volume, staff shortages, skills gaps and more by finding best-fit outsourcing in a variety of industries, locations, capacities, functions and languages.

Once the business has discovered its perfect-fit BPO partner, the CXHub team manages all elements of the experience, including needs analysis, requests for proposals, contracts, onboarding and more.

“With the launch of CXHub, Broadvoice has become a one-stop shop for all contact center and labor needs,” said Jim Murphy, CEO of Broadvoice. “In addition to its cloud-based omnichannel contact center platform, Broadvoice now offers professional staffing solutions to help small and mid-market enterprises optimize performance, enhance the customer experience, drive revenue and grow their business.”

With CXHub, businesses can:

  • Save time with instant access to hundreds of pre-vetted BPOs.
  • Save money by streamlining the sourcing process through a proven RFP and contracting process.
  • Gain access to talent pools across industries, locations, capacities, functions and languages.
  • Scale up or down by adjusting capacity and adding, changing or removing partnerships with BPOs.
  • Improve outcomes by ramping up more quickly to meet business goals.

To learn more about how CXHub can help meet your CCaaS and labor needs, visit Broadvoice