Alcatraz AI, Genetec Advance Access Control, Physical Security

Alcatraz AI, a leader in autonomous access control solutions, has partnered with Genetec, a  provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions to deliver access control solutions that increase the security of facilities and provide business insights while making the experience frictionless and touchless for end users.

Genetec develops open-platform software, hardware and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industry. Alcatraz AI’s flagship product the Rock is a simple, secure, and trusted facial authentication solution that fits into existing access control systems. Together they deliver an easy-to-use, innovative, unified system that creates a path to better security.

With this new partnership, Alcatraz AI’s The Rock will integrate and interact natively with Synergis, providing levels of analytics, reporting and alerting to meet the specific requirements of Genetec customers.

Together the Rock and Genetec access control systems lower security costs for organizations, reduce complexity, provide business insights, and increase the overall security posture.

Features include:

  • Seamless integration to reduce touchpoints, providing video at the door via an open network video interface forum (ONVIF) camera that can be incorporated into the Genetec video management system
  • Live tailgating detection alerts coupled with door-level video help to prevent the industry’s difficult breach to detect
  • Automated enrollment for authorized users without storing personally identifiable information
  • Enterprise-grade networking and security, with end-to-end encryption and customizable hosting options

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