Informatica Launches Next-gen ISV Partner Program

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management leader, announced early access for its next-generation independent software vendor (ISV) partner program at Informatica World 2023, the company’s annual customer conference underway in Las Vegas.

The revamped, cloud-focused program, ISV Innovate, will provide a range of ISVs with an opportunity to showcase their products and solutions to some of the most impactful global enterprises through high-value integrations with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC).

“In today’s global marketplace, companies – particularly tech or cloud-based ones – that insist on an insular, go-it-alone approach eventually find themselves in the industry scrapyard,” said Rik Tamm-Daniels, GVP, Technology Alliances at Informatica. “ISV ecosystems, and the talented partners they attract, are invaluable for cloud companies like ours to accelerate platform and revenue growth, scale demand, and bring the latest complementary innovations to our customers. Now, we are ready to build a vibrant ISV program on top of our foundational IDMC platform, one that’ll broaden the capabilities for our customers with new verticals, use cases, and solutions, and give our partners the chance to participate in the most diverse cloud data management ecosystem in the market today.”

Due to the breadth and depth of Informatica’s industry-leading, multi-cloud IDMC platform and its 5,000-plus global customer base, the program provides an opportunity for a range of ISVs to bring their capabilities to market.

Concurrently, IDMC customers will benefit from access to more data and broader data management innovations from ISVs, such as:

  • Data source providers
    • e., with Neo4J and SingleStore, customers can connect to and read/write data from these sources
  • Data protection and security ISVs
    • e., with Anonos, customers can get end-to-end, multi-mode data protection for IDMC, so users have access to only the data they should
  • Data Enrichment ISVs
    • e., with Dun & Bradstreet and ZoomInfo customers can enrich their Business360 and Customer360 data with data from these providers
  • Data-driven Applications ISVs
    • e., with Productsup customers can join their product catalog management solution with Informatica’s Product360 for a complete product information management solution

Designed for the cloud, ISV Innovate offers self-service extension publishing and management and streamlined integration capabilities via INFAConnect. The program reduces customer friction through third-party ISV extensions to IDMC or applications developed on top of the platform and offers unique partner value and monetization based on consumption.

ISVs interested in joining ISV Innovate can sign up for the early access program here.