Alpheus Expands Again in Texas

Alpheus Communications has announced its fourth major fiber network expansion in the past 12 months, reflecting rapidly growing business demand for high-bandwidth and network services to support companies’ increased reliance on digital voice, video and cloud-based applications.

This latest fiber network expansion adds just over 1,000 new near-net buildings for a total of approximately 7,000 near-net buildings in Texas; and the expansion brings the number of businesses able to leverage Alpheus’ fiber network and services to 48,000, up from 42,000 earlier this year.

While the Texas economy has been powerful for several years, the state’s latest notable business growth is in the commercial real estate sector that has not only recovered from difficult times, but is now rapidly expanding to include the construction of multi-tenant structures of all sizes, as well as the success of attracting Blue Chip corporations relocating their headquarters to Texas.

In North Texas, millions of square feet of new office space under construction signal the region’s largest commercial real estate expansion in decades. This growth includes new buildings and rapidly growing occupancy rates in Far North Dallas along the North Dallas Tollway, and in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor, which exemplifies the dramatic recovery of real estate and the expansion of business in the area.

Texas is also a key platform from which many businesses are expanding to Mexico and Latin America, which drives further need for high-bandwidth solutions.

“The Texas growth engine can be attributed to our state’s pro-business strategy, which promotes competition and innovation. By expanding the Alpheus network again, we’re delivering a new fiber last-mile option for business customers to consider, so their choice isn’t limited to a handful of incumbent providers,” said Alpheus CEO Scott Widham. “With today’s pervasive, bandwidth-hungry cloud applications and increased network demands from digital voice and video, even small businesses want 50MB connectivity, and enterprises want 1GB services. Alpheus is in a strong position to deliver our fiber connections and network services to companies of all sizes.”

For businesses and carriers with high-bandwidth needs, Alpheus offers Ethernet over fiber and wavelength services. In total, Alpheus has more than 2,800 route-miles of long-haul fiber and 3,200 route-miles of metro fiber to deliver last-mile connectivity quickly and reliably.