Amplify Enterprise Marketplace Helps Companies Open APIs for Business

Axway, a provider of API management and integration software, announces its Amplify Enterprise Marketplace, a solution to help companies drive faster adoption and monetize API products. As many businesses shift from treating APIs as a simple digital asset to marketing them as true digital products, a more universal approach is needed.

The Amplify Marketplace provides this by enabling the full productization of APIs using a branded enterprise storefront and monetization and accelerates digital business success through increased consumption of internal and external APIs.

According to a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Axway, 72 percent of business and IT leaders expect that digital business growth would increase if they were able to increase API adoption today, and 86 percent agree that the value of APIs is in their consumption and not in their existence alone.

“Once they’ve packaged APIs in a way that makes their business use clear with Axway Amplify Marketplace, enterprises can expose their API products in a branded storefront and allow their growing digital services ecosystem to truly come together,” said Vince Padua, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Axway. “Marketplace closes the gap between API development and API consumption as companies package their APIs for internal and external consumption and centralize their API services.”

No other offering on the market enables companies to centralize all their API services across teams, technologies, patterns and vendors.

Amplify Marketplace, a component of Axway’s Amplify API management platform, reduces these complexities by centralizing APIs from wherever they are and organizing them around three major steps:

  • A product foundry to build, document, and monetize API products
  • A branded marketplace to expose these products for easy discovery and consumption by internal and external consumers
  • A central management plan to monitor the health, usage, and performance of all API products – regardless of deployment or technology.