Apcela Announces Expanded Partnership with Versa Networks

Apcela has announced an expanded partnership with Versa Networks.

Apcela is now offering industry-leading SASE and Secure SD-WAN solutions within its portfolio of managed networking services.

Apcela is launching Versa SASE and Secure SD-WAN to optimize enterprise networks and security while simultaneously decreasing cost and improving quality of service. To augment its partnership with Versa Networks, Apcela has developed its Arcus Platform to help companies accelerate digital transformation in their business and master the rising challenges of today’s hybrid IT environment. This challenge includes the rapid increase in securing a remote workforce as well as delivering security and stability when connecting to cloud applications.

This solution from Apcela is based on industry-leading Versa SASE and Secure SD-WAN, which uses VOS (Versa Operating System) software instead of routers to direct digital traffic. This enables businesses to optimize priority bandwidth and upgrade application performance by decreasing jitter and packet loss. At the same time, integrated security features optimize security operations, and analytics and monitoring features provide insight into both data center and cloud traffic.

The new solution also enables customers to manage their entire network with one central graphical user interface and enjoy the benefits of Apcela as a single pane of glass for lines and SASE and SD-WAN platforms with no upfront investments, for a better price and end-to-end SLAs.