AppOmni Announces Partnership with Veeva

AppOmni, a provider of SaaS security, has partnered Veeva Systems to expand SaaS coverage and provide enhanced security for Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM. The offering enables life sciences customers to access AppOmni’s comprehensive configuration management and threat detection functionality. With AppOmni’s Veeva integration, joint customers can operationalize best practices to protect sensitive data while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

The integration for Veeva is built on top of the AppOmni Developer Platform, which can scale to support thousands of clinical and diagnostic applications across the pharmaceutical industry. AppOmni’s Veeva integration allows administrators to see the permission of each user role in Veeva Vault or Veeva CRM and compare against best practices. Easily identifying misconfigured or non-best practice user permissions, administrators can address them and minimize security risks. With a common security control layer across Veeva and related applications, customers can control and protect sensitive data better.

The Veeva partnership is the latest in a series of major AppOmni product announcements over the past year. The company has expanded its breadth of coverage to span dozens of enterprise SaaS applications. Launched earlier in the year, the AppOmni Developer Platform enables customers to secure all additional SaaS apps, including standard and custom-built SaaS solutions.

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