Aqua Security Doubles Channel-driven Revenue Year over Year

Aqua Security, a pioneer in cloud-native security, announced it doubled channel-driven revenue year over year. This growth follows the launch of a new partner program, Aqua Advantage, which focuses on enabling a strong group of strategic partners across key regions.

Partners have received the new approach well, leading to 500 percent growth in partner-driven pipeline. Indirect revenue is increasing steadily and accounts for more than 65 percent of Aqua’s overall revenue.

Jeannette Lee Heung, senior director of Global Channel and Alliances at Aqua, attributes the success to Aqua’s simple approach. The program forgoes the traditional multi-tiered structure with complex discount models, to build mutually beneficial strategies that support partners’ goals and bolster ongoing revenue generation through service delivery and referral incentives.

“Since the launch of Aqua Advantage, we have heard from countless partners that our model is impressively simple, which makes it easy to help their customers leverage cloud-native security tools,” Heung said. “We’ve streamlined onboarding, deal registration and training so that partners have faster, more effective paths to revenue, and better enablement to support their customers in delivering Aqua’s cloud-native security solutions. They have all responded positively and seen success.”

Aqua Advantage has amped up its support services training. Now, enabled partners have the resources they need to help customers deploy and manage Aqua’s technology on a broader scale, even if they previously lacked the staff or skillset.

Partners are equipped to support customers with long-term roadmaps, which foster lasting customer relationships and continued revenue opportunities. The program’s enhanced benefits have enabled the team to forge new relationships within the partner ecosystem, and Aqua has doubled its number of partners year over year.

Aqua constantly evaluates ways it can add value for partners. The most recent additions include two new certification programs: Aqua Sales Certification and Aqua Certified Sales Engineer.

Each of these certifications is the result of partner feedback and diligent efforts to evaluate partner needs and provide the support necessary to drive success.

As the Aqua Advantage program evolves, Aqua will expand its offerings to support MSP partners. Other goals include doubling revenue from partner-sourced opportunities, expanding its partner ecosystem by 50 percent, growing the channel team and increasing co-branding marketing.

Visit Aqua’s website to learn more about Aqua Advantage.