Arrcus Updates FlexMCN for Partners to Improve Egress Cost Control

Hyperscale networking software company – and core/edge/multi-cloud routing and switching infrastructure provider – Arrcus announced a new advancement for its FlexMCN multi-cloud networking solution: Egress Cost Control (ECC). This technology is specifically designed to streamline and optimize cloud connectivity cost, leading to what it claims could be savings of up to 40 percent from egress charges.

FlexMCN, powered by the new ECC technology, offers new visibility and optimization through smarter routing to allow organizations to effectively minimize egress cost.

Many cloud architectures, particularly those reliant on data replication for resilience, incur such charges, meaning that workloads characterized by high contributions to egress charges – including database storage, backup and replication – can influence cloud cost often by adding up to 10-15 percent to the total bill, per Arrcus.

Arrcus’ FlexMCN’s enhancement includes a solution that provides visibility and allocates egress costs for enterprises, dynamically and intelligently routing traffic to destinations with the lowest egress costs. FlexMCN’s capabilities extend seamlessly across hybrid, colocation and public cloud environments, as well as across underlay connections, whether dedicated or shared over the internet. This capability adds to the ability of FlexMCN to provide application-level performance and cost optimization for factors like low latency and high bandwidth.

“With Arrcus’ ECC-enabled FlexMCN, organizations can now gain granular control over cloud egress costs to achieve significant savings,” said Shekar Ayyar, Arrcus’ Chairman and CEO. “We are committed to innovating and addressing the challenges faced by businesses in multi-cloud environments as is evident from this smart solution.”

Of note for partners, the new technology is part of the company’s free FlexMCN multi-cloud platform. This software specifically allows channel partners to deliver multi-cloud connectivity as a managed service for customers, helping clients to effectively reduce egress charges.

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