AT&T Partner Exchange Expands Voice, Collaboration Toolset

AT&T has expanded the portfolio of networking, voice and collaboration offerings available to its channel partners.

The carrier has introduced AT&T FlexWare, a platform that simplifies delivering and deploying software-based network functions. It lets businesses control and change their services to meet growing needs, and is available. Meanwhile it also released AT&T Collaborate, a cloud-based voice and collaboration solution that’s transport-agnostic.

“Solution providers have demonstrated experience in meeting changing business demands,” said Sue Galvanek, vice president, Marketing, Pricing and Product Solutions, AT&T Partner Exchange. “We’re committed to helping them simplify communications and select the right foundation to successfully install virtualized network functions.”

AT&T FlexWare

AT&T FlexWare lets businesses configure multiple virtual network functions (VNFs), like a router or firewall, on a single FlexWare device at each of their sites. It simplifies network infrastructure and means less in capital investments.

Solution providers can manage FlexWare for their customers, moving from hardware to software and dynamically responding to market demands. It’s as simple as plugging in a FlexWare device, deploying needed virtual functions, and clicking to configure based on the needs of each business site.

“Businesses demand a lot from their networks. Digital transformation is driving us to find ways to do things faster, better and with lower costs,” Galvanek added. “To get there, businesses are moving to flexible, reliable, highly secure connectivity to serve their customers in near real-time.”

AT&T Collaborate

AT&T Collaborate offers a range of features, including instant messaging, video conferencing and desktop sharing, for large and small businesses that need communications tools and applications for users on the road and in the office. Businesses can quickly add users or change features, giving them more control and flexibility to react to changing needs in their business.

“Business is constantly transforming,” said Rickie Richey, Founder & CEO at Altaworx. “We all have to work faster and smarter. AT&T Partner Exchange continues to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers keep pace in today’s complex business environment. We know those who embrace transformation will win the fastest.”