AVANT Unveils Connectivity Decision-making Tool

AVANT, a platform for IT decision-making and a premier technology services distributor, launched Connectivity Navigator (CoNav), a connectivity decision-making tool as part of the company’s Pathfinder platform.

Connectivity Navigator provides an enhanced network search experience with increased connectivity options and the latest data from nearly 3 million miles of fiber lines globally and nearly 600 providers.

With Connectivity Navigator, Trusted Advisors are in total command of all nearby infrastructure including fiber, cable and fixed wireless connectivity options and can display, compare and price out services for their customers in one intuitive and dynamic interface.

“CoNav is another exciting example of the investment AVANT is making to give our Trusted Advisors the competitive edge with the confidence of an improved, expanded and up-to-date connectivity data set,” said Alex Danyluk, chief strategy officer and AVANT Analytics managing director. “Trusted Advisors can now generate searches in mere seconds and provide quotes in less than two minutes all with the familiarity, trust and user-friendly experience of Pathfinder.”

With lightning-fast speed, Pathfinder users can access a list of on-net and near-net connections and display fiber routes to visualize available paths, zoom into nearby lighted buildings and measure distances from near-net carriers to better anticipate costs. The tool can filter results based on connection types and carriers, making it customizable for any customers.

AVANT also can offer enhanced data volume and data quality, including nearly 600 network service providers and more than 350 million searchable commercial locations, including international. The Connectivity Navigator provides access to a database of 1.4 billion lighted buildings across more than 1.6 million miles of fiber routes in the United States from AT&T, Comcast, Lumen, Verizon, and more new providers.

To learn more about Pathfinder and the Connectivity Navigator tool, visit https://goavant.net/company/pathfinder/. For more about AVANT and its security practice, please visit https://goavant.net/.