Avnet Creates 5 New Specialist Business Units

Technology distributor Avnet has unveiled a solutions specialist approach worldwide that includes five new business units.

Based on the idea that specialization differentiates partners from their competitors and drives profitable growth, Avnet has created the new business units to focus on cloud, cognitive computing, data analytics, the Internet of things (IoT), mobility, security and enterprise networking:

  • Data Center Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Security and Enterprise Networking Solutions
  • Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and IoT Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions

Additionally, in EMEA and the Americas a sixth specialist business unit, Education Services, focuses on flexible training solutions with a portfolio of offerings across Avnet suppliers. Avnet has dedicated more than 450 solutions specialists to the effort.

“Avnet is directing significant energy, resources and investments toward the technologies that will define the future,” said Patrick Zammit, global president for Avnet Technology Solutions. “I believe the best way to do this is through a more specialized approach. We are evolving into a solutions specialist to ensure that Avnet, along with our suppliers and partners, continues to meet our customers’ needs in a rapidly changing market. It will allow us to capitalize on next-generation technologies while optimizing our support for data center technologies, whether legacy or new.”

The specialist business units are similar in structure globally; however, they are led regionally to accelerate execution and align with local partner needs. Avnet provides its business partners with dedicated expertise, and those in Avnet’s channel can expect to see more proprietary tools, services and solutions around the next-generation technologies, such as the Avnet Cloud Marketplace and Avnet’s IoT collaborations.

“Today’s customers expect their partners to understand business outcomes and the software, services and hardware needed to deliver results,” said Zammit. “Our solutions specialist approach empowers Avnet’s partners with the dedicated resources, sales support and technical expertise needed to transform their business while driving long-term success for themselves and their customers. It also builds upon our ability to create brand preference, accelerate adoption and grow market share for technology vendors. The solutions specialist approach gives our partners and suppliers the best of both worlds: a business solutions mindset coupled with deep technical expertise in the data center and next-generation technologies.”

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