Avnet Logs 15th Anniversary with Check Point

Avnet Technology Solutions has commemorated its 15thanniversary in the U.S. and Canada with Check Point Software.

Through its security and networking practices, Avnet currently supports Check Point and its partners in growing their IT security businesses in the U.S. and Canada, and also in the Netherlands.

Throughout the relationship, Avnet, Check Point and their partners have evolved their market approach to meet the dramatic changes in the IT security needs of customers. For example, when Avnet and Check Point first began working together, viruses were the primary malware concern of IT professionals. Today, those malware anxieties have blossomed to include ransomware, hactivism, next-gen advanced persistent threats, utilizing web infrastructures (domain name system), and state-sanctioned industrial espionage. IT professionals now live in a world where every minute a host accesses a malicious website; every nine minutes a high-risk application is used; every 27 minutes unknown malware is downloaded; and every 49 minutes sensitive data is sent outside the organization.

“Security is of the utmost concern for every IT customer worldwide, and its importance in IT deployments will continue to grow exponentially in the future,” said Tony Madden, senior vice president and supplier business executive for Avnet Technology Solutions, Global. “Check Point’s innovative technology is a cornerstone of Avnet’s security portfolio and has played a critical role in empowering our partners to transform technology into true business solutions. The next 15 years will bring exciting and unimaginable changes to the security market. We look forward to working with Check Point to continue to evolve the education, market insights, resources, services, training and technology our partners need to assist their customers in reducing risks and thwarting potential threats.”

With a pure focus on IT security, Check Point’s technology enables Avnet’s partners to create secure environments for their customers to use the Internet for business transactions and communications. Solution providers can leverage the flexibility of Check Point’s technology, along with Avnet’s relationships with industry-leading suppliers and solutions integration capabilities, to develop and deliver multi-vendor solutions that meet the exact security needs of any organization.

Avnet said that it has provided partners with a wide variety of programs and resources over the past 15 years to grow their security businesses at an accelerated pace. For example, Avnet has multiple demand-generation programs that connect partners with potential customers, facilitating conversations around adding IT security solutions to current projects. Additionally, Avnet and Check Point offer partners an extensive demo pool of Check Point solution designs to cover all layers of security, which are helping partners close deals faster and validate the capabilities of Check Point inside the customers’ environments.

“Avnet has played an integral role as part of Check Point’s channel program in North America and Europe,” said Amnon Bar-Lev, president at Check Point Software. “We’re pleased with Avnet’s in-depth understanding of Check Point’s leading security solutions and ability to incorporate our products into larger IT projects. Most importantly, Avnet has successfully shared its knowledge with our partners, creating a community of experts to grow our business and serve customers as trusted advisors.”

Avnet has also helped Check Point partners successfully navigate the challenges of cross-border business activities. For example, its international shipping capabilities allow Avnet to seamlessly support Check Point partners with multinational customers. Avnet serves as a single source for reliable support, helping to improve the efficiency and productivity of all parties involved. Avnet manages the taxes, duties and import brokerage charges on behalf of partners, allowing them to focus on the customer and implementation.

“Avnet was instrumental in helping FusionStorm manage a Check Point implementation at numerous sites around the world,” said D’Etta Fuller, account support representative, FusionStorm – an Avnet partner. “We honestly couldn’t have delivered on the deal without the Avnet team who worked directly with Check Point and the in-country contacts, helping us work through VAT issues and partnering to help get product cleared through customs. Avnet’s global capabilities give us a true competitive edge and an opportunity to pursue a larger range of opportunities.”

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