Axcient Reveals Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Enhancements

Axcient, a leader in business availability software for managed service providers (MSPs), announced business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) enhancements and expanded reporting capabilities for partners, including dashboard visibility into backup health.

“Our focus is on MSP success, and that includes investing in R&D to improve the partner experience,” said Adam Preeo, VP of Product at Axcient. “We are constantly making technology enhancements based on partner input and need. The new reporting capabilities offer more visibility for partners and their clients, enabling them to ensure consistent data protection and faster recoveries when needed.”

The Cloud Health Digest Report provides partners daily summaries of their clients’ backup health and compliance with service level agreements, uncovering unprotected systems and any potential risks for data loss. Partners can white label the health digest report and send it to their clients via email with their branding to demonstrate the essential value of data protection.

The Backup History Report provides up to two years of detailed backup history, helping clients better understand usage patterns and to optimize their administration of backups. The reporting tool can generate a custom report emailed to clients daily, weekly or monthly to improve their operations and provide confidence in their disaster recovery program.

In addition to these new reports, Axcient offers backup health data in the x360 Portal “Dashboard” tab. With the backup health view, MSPs get quick access to key health metrics to aid in data-based decision-making.

The insights include:

  • Current Client Health – The percentage of clients that are compliant with service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Six-Month Counts – The number of protected systems by type – including appliances, vaults, servers, and workstations – over a six-month period
  • Seven-Day Protected System Health History –The percentage of healthy protected systems over a seven-day period
  • Organization At A Glance –An overview of clients – including unprotected clients that require action – users, vaults, appliances, protected systems (aka devices), and virtual machines running

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