BAI Communications Closes Acquisition of ZenFi Networks

BAI Communications (BAI) closed its acquisition of ZenFi Networks (ZenFi), a U.S. provider of digital infrastructure solutions and innovator in small cell deployment, offload and roaming services, fiber connectivity and network edge colocation. ZenFi becomes a BAI Group company alongside Mobilitie and Transit Wireless in the United States, helping to accelerate BAI’s growth in North America and support the company’s vision to become a leading provider of connected 5G infrastructure across North America and globally.

As part of the acquisition, which was announced in late July, BAI obtains ZenFi’s portfolio of assets, including more than 1,100 route miles of fiber network throughout the New York and New Jersey metro regions. This fiber network connects into major data centers and points of presence in 65 network edge colocation facilities, a critical component of its C-RAN infrastructure. Furthermore, ZenFi brings with it a host of long-established customer relationships, including contracts with the wireless carrier customers in the region and the rights to provide mobile infrastructure solutions across 4,000 LinkNYC kiosk structures through its partnership with the CityBridge consortium.

The deal will allow the group to participate in Link5G, the next phase of LinkNYC, a communications network that has replaced payphones across New York City with kiosks equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi, maps, connections to city services and device charging at no cost to taxpayers or users.

In addition to the standard LinkNYC features, Link5G will bring a faster and more equitable deployment of 5G to neighborhoods across New York City, with a focus on previously underserved areas.

Link5G can accommodate all carrier equipment needs and can provide the necessary infrastructure to expand broadband connectivity to areas of the city that traditionally have been underserved by carriers. The new kiosks include five independent RF transparent bays to host multiple carriers deploying a variety of 4G and 5G technologies.

These unique deployments combined with BAI’s commercial power in transit systems, will result in a differentiated offering in the New York area including wider small cell deployment, siting to mobile network operators, the support of municipal services with advanced connectivity and the largest public Wi-Fi network, all transferable to other states in the United States and to other markets.

Igor Leprince, Group CEO of BAI Communications, said, “Bringing ZenFi into the wider BAI Communications Group solidifies our position as a leading connected infrastructure provider in North America and increases the opportunities for new and specialized projects driven by our group of companies.

“ZenFi’s unique expertise in fiber and small cell deployments in New York City and surrounding areas further strengthens BAI’s competitive position in the largest city in the United States, while also providing us with new ways to partner with other organizations to address the digital divide in the underserved communities. This includes the deployment of 5G through the Link5G kiosks, essential to ensure all New Yorkers have access to the networks of the future,” Leprince said.

Closing of the acquisition means BAI’s technical and service offerings to network operators, enterprises, and public municipalities will expand to include more specialized and scalable solutions, like small cell siting. ZenFi’s infrastructure is a natural extension of the connectivity solutions that Transit Wireless currently provides across the New York City subway. It will also be leveraged by Mobilitie for small cell connectivity of existing and new locations, as well as expanding its inbuilding 5G networks across North America.